Managing your business’ IT systems shouldn’t be hard. So we make sure it is not.

We have been proudly serving the New Hampshire and Massachusetts communities since 2004. Our team is knowledgeable in helping you with all your business’ IT and networking needs, from basic IT management services to specified network requirements. Our team is committed to providing a unique, affordable solution to every one of our clients, meeting their varied needs with a personalized approach.

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Our services

All Your IT Needs

We provide all of our clients with a pressure-free environment suited to their specific needs. Our team specializes in technology, so we will help you build the perfect IT and network infrastructure to meet your business needs. So what does that mean for you? With the help of Laptop Universe, you don’t have to worry about your technology needs! Whether your business is large or small, we will help you build an infrastructure that saves you time and money and supports your business in the digital age.

Managed IT Services

Network Services

Ip cameras systems

Voice over IP solutions

Low voltage wiring

Backup and disaster recovery solutions

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About Us

Integrity & Quality

Laptop Universe was founded with a service-first approach.

We put care and thought into every client interaction and stand behind all of our work.

The team at Laptop Universe is continually working to help their clients meet their goals.

Laptop Universe is focused on keeping client businesses operating at 100% capacity with thoughtful, effective technology solutions.

We don’t expect you to have all the answers to what you need for your business’ IT or network system. Our team of experts will consult with you directly to work through your needs to help you find the right solution. For us, quality is not just about the physical systems; it is about the service you get every step of the way.

About Us

Affordable Solutions

Our goal is never to make our clients spend more money than they need to. Whether your project is large or small, we are always looking for ways to provide cost-sensitive solutions to our clients. We focus on providing services that fit your budget. More expensive doesn’t always mean better. We promise always to do our utmost to balance costs while bringing you exceptional IT services.

The right price

The time you deserve

The solutions you need



Good Reviews From Our Clients

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The service was excellent and cost very reasonable.

Ken Southard

This guy knows what he is doing! Highly recommend. I was very impresse

Jake Cuomo

Great place to fix your computer. I highly recommend him


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